How Do We Measure Social Health & Wellness?

How Do We Measure Social Health & Wellness?


Reflecting on ourselves and our relationships could be a good way to asses our social health. we will begin by gazing the signs of excellent social health and assessing whether or not these apply to your life

Signs of good social health include: 

  • Balancing your social and personal time
  • Being your true self at all times 
  • Engaging with people in your community 
  • Treating others with respect 
  • Maintaining and building strong relationships with friends 
  • Creating healthy boundaries that help with communication, trust and conflict management 
  • Turning to friends and family for support 
  • Communicating effectively                 
  • Support weight loss
  • Improve the risk of cancers
  • Improve the risk of heart health
  • Improve the risk of high blood pressure
  • Improve the risk of diabetes
  • your hunger goes away
  • Your muscles mass increase

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