Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing

Physical activity is a vital a part of a healthy life-style. connected to different positive life-style decisions, it promotes smart physical health and contributes to people’s emotional and social prosperity.

Part of education Health, fitness and well-being

 Physical, emotional and social prosperity The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines health as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social prosperity and not just the absence of malady or infirmity’.

Physical health

Good physical health is connected to fitness – having the ability to perform effectively the physical tasks concerned in life also as sport. Being physically healthy includes: 
1.enjoying being physically active 
2.having smart balance, coordination and legerity in everyday tasks also as sport 
3.having the strength, stamina and suppleness needed for existence, work and play 
4.having fewer diseases, diseases and injuries

    Emotional health

    Emotional – or mental – health is connected to private prosperity – feeling positive regarding yourself. Being showing emotion healthy includes: 

    1.having shallowness and dignity 
    2.being able to recognise and express emotion 
    3.being able to manage emotions to suit true 
    4.recognising and managing the factors that have an effect on emotions 
    5.feeling positive regarding life (which includes feeling helpful and being optimistic regarding the future) 

    Social health

    Social health additionally contributes to prosperity – feeling positive regarding interactions with people and also the wider world. Being socially healthy includes: 
    1.being able to act with a spread of individuals and having a way of happiness 
    2.having respect, fellow feeling and tolerance for people 
    3.being able to manage emotions to suit true 
    4.recognising and managing the consequences of actions on others 5.being conscious of rights and responsibilities

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